What is a Learning Mind?

A learning mind is an Intelligent Mind.

It is not preoccupied with itself.

It is not petty. It is not small.

It is not preoccupied with yesterday’s victory and tomorrow’s apprehensions.

It is not a sordid little mind which dwells on the inefficacies of human creation.

It is not a mind that dwells on tiny, little victories.

This is a mind that exists in all of us.

We have to cast away this Little Mind and then we have the hope of being Intelligent.

A Little Mind can’t be Intelligent, can it?

It can’t be sensitive. It can’t be whole.

What can such a mind do? – a hell hole of human existence.

Such a mind cannot be free.

On the other hand, what is an Intelligent Mind?

It is simple

It is constantly engaging with the nature of reality itself.

It understands that the subtle is greater than the gross.

It craves for the simplicity and assuredness of Intelligence.

It shuns petty cravings

It kicks away the convolutions of personal victory and personal defeat.

It is a mind that is not greedy and one that does not grasp.

It does not seek to bring under the ambit of its control, larger swathes of existence.

It is a respectful mind

It perceives another mind to be lit with the same light as its own.

This is the definition of an Intelligent mind

And Intelligence is open to all of us.

Post Script 1

Intelligence breaks up all exclusiveness. If you are a better human being, you are intelligent. Because the whole is more right than the parts.

Post Script 2

It is your own responsibility to act out of the Intelligent Mind. To do so, renounce here and now the pettiness of the Little Mind and embrace forthwith the whole “completeness” of the Intelligent Mind.

Post Script 3

The Intelligent Mind is accessible to all of us. Only two qualities are required for it: the quality of Receptivity and the quality of the Receptacle. (to receive and hold, to encounter Grace and to be Grace worthy, to surrender and to serve).